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What Happens When You Get a DWI

I was Arrested for “Drunk Driving” What Happens When You Get a DWI
  • What Happens to My License?
  • Is It Suspended?
  • How Long Does That Last?
  • Can I Get a Hardship or Work License?
  • What Does It Cost?
  • Can a Lawyer Help?

"The laws in North Carolina about DWI Impaired Driving cases are complex. We help people understand their options and how the Courts work" – Danny Glover

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How do Lawyers Help?

Attorneys experienced in handling DWI cases in North Carolina understand how overwhelming the system can be for people. That is especially true for client whom have had little or no prior experience dealing with the Courts.

"We like to sit down with people, review the available paperwork, and go through options" – Danny Glover

The First Thing Lawyers do is Investigate

We investigate the background of a case. Prior to providing guidance or advice, we need to understand what happened, who was involved, and figure out what law or laws may be involved.

Once that process is complete, we begin explaining the best-case and worst-case scenarios.

Over the years we have found that a large part of a client’s anxiety over a case is just not knowing. . .not knowing what their options are, not knowing what can happen, not knowing whether a case could result in losing your license or job.

While it is not unusual for people nowadays to do some research online or by talking to friends and family, that can make things seem even worse.

Although often well-intended, the information gathered is incomplete and in some instances, just flat-out wrong.

Put simply, lawyers provide guidance based on their training, experience, and understanding of a somewhat court system.

What Does it Cost to Call Us?

The answer may surprise you: NOTHING.

For cases involving Driving While Impaired, which people often refer to as DWI or DUI, we do not charge for the initial consultation.

"You won’t get a bill from us unless you say you want help" – Danny Glover

There isn’t a clock ticking. Our initial consultation costs you nothing. What we talk about is also private and held in the strictest confidence. That’s what it means to be Confidential.

It is also helpful to understand that even when clients decide to retain our legal services, we normally charge a fixed amount for a case. We call that a flat rate.

Modified Transcript of “What Happens When You Get a DWI” for the Hearing Impaired

ImpairedIn North Carolina, DWI is driving while impaired and there’s no real practical difference between a DWI and a DUI in North Carolina. DWI stands for driving a vehicle whether it be a car, a truck, a lawnmower, a bicycle on a highway or public vehicular area with either a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or higher, or you’re just drunk regardless of your BAC.

DWI has several different components to it. The first is the state’s ability to identify you beyond a reasonable doubt as the driver or operator of the vehicle. Sometimes, DWIs occur in scenarios where you are not followed down the highway for two miles by the state trooper. Oftentimes, a state has problems identifying you as the driver of the vehicle that’s found.

Then the officer has to have reasonable suspicion that you are driving while impaired or probable cause that you have committed a crime before you can stop your vehicle.

Then he has to have probable cause to arrest you for DWI. That includes issues such as field sobriety testing or portable breath test known as chemical screening tests. Then he has to perform all of the tests correctly. I am a certified administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. Those are not pass/fail test. You don’t do good or bad. They are designed to be instructed a certain way, administered a certain way. They are looking for a certain number of clues that have to be interpreted a certain way.

If you’re convicted in DWI behind North Carolina, you do not automatically to jail, although in North Carolina, you can go to jail on even a first offense. Now, there is mandatory jail time in North Carolina if the judge finds the presence of at least one grossly aggravating factor. Now there are several of those. One is a prior DWI conviction in past seven years either in North Carolina or in the other state in the country. The second would be having a child under the age of 18 in the car. If there is a death or serious vital injury involved in a DWI wreck, that can be a grossly aggravating factor. If you’re driving on a revoked license and the license was previously revoked because of another DWI, that can be a grossly aggravating factor. Those take with them mandatory jail time, but no, you don’t automatically go unless one of those is present.

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What Qualities make a Great Defense Attorney? He or she must be Smart, Sharp, Professional, Intuitive, and of course Knowledgeable of the Law. Furthermore, you cannot underestimate your Attorney’s reputation with other Attorneys and the Court – a good rapport proves to be an Invaluable Asset! Bobby B.
Danny Glover is highly respected in the legal community. I like to refer to him as a “Lawyers’ Lawyers,” in that he embodies the best of the profession. Danny is one of the best lawyers I know. He’s a compassionate advocate for clients. Danny serves as daily example of how to practice law, how to be ethical, how to be kind and how to be prepared. Bill P.
Danny Glover I know and trust. We used him for legal help and was kept informed thru the entire process. I have know Danny for several years and would recommend him to friends and family. He is ethical and totally forth coming, not holding anything back from you. P Newbold