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Dare County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Dare County Criminal Defense If you’ve been arrested in Dare County NC, it makes sense to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Our system of justice has become increasingly complicated.

Understanding how and why things happen in court makes for better decisions and, hopefully, better long term results.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

That's actually one of the most frequently Googled questions on the internet, relative to criminal charges and arrests for drunk driving offenses.

First off, you are not required to have a lawyer in court with you.

Under the criminal laws in North Carolina, you have a right to represent yourself and essentially serve as your own attorney.

While there are certain exceptions to that right, judges will often allow you to serve as your own legal representative.

At the same time, just because you can do that, doesn't mean that you should go to court on your own.

Lawyers go to law school for a reason.

Understanding the nuances of the law, how things work in court, and the specifics of trials and sentencing are greatly assisted with a law license and years of experience handling matters in court.

Prosecutors in North Carolina are attorneys. They too went to law school. And they too have passed a very difficult bar examination.

Like criminal defense lawyers, they work very hard to be consummate professionals.

Some of the best lawyers in Dare County are in fact prosecutors.

Their perspective is not necessarily to seek a conviction or put you in jail.

Instead, they are charged with the duty of Seeking Justice and determining what is (or what may not be) a good case for criminal prosecution.

That’s true whether you face allegations of “drunk driving,” a misdemeanor larceny charge, or even something as serious as trafficking charges.

If you go into court by yourself, which again is entirely permissible, you may very well find yourself at a competitive disadvantage.

What's the First Thing I Should Do After Getting Arrested?

Dare County Criminal Defense If your child or friend or loved one is in jail right now, it makes sense to look into whether you can get them out of jail.

To be clear, that may not always be possible.

It may involve posting Bond or making “bail.”

It also could involve retaining legal counsel to assist in that process, as there are certain statutory rights to Bond Hearings and Probable Cause Hearings in North Carolina.

Frankly, a lot depends on the type of criminal charges, the terms and conditions of release, and any prior history of criminal allegations.

There are some types of criminal charges where bonding someone out may not be an option.

That can be because of the amount of the secured Bond, which in certain circumstances may amount to thousands of dollars.

There are also certain charges like first-degree murder where the judicial official reviewing the case determines no terms or conditions of release will ensure the safety of the community.

The judicial official setting terms and conditions of release also necessarily considers whether the defendant, the person accused of criminal charges in Dare County, will return to court to answer the charges.

North Carolina General Statute Chapter 15A-534 sets forth the procedures for determining bail, bond, and pretrial release.

Under the law, specifically chapter 15A-533, there may be a right to pretrial release in both non-capital and capital criminal charges in North Carolina.

“Capital Charges” involve the possibility of the death penalty. “Non-Capital Charges” are basically everything else.

Defendants charged breaking the law are entitled to have an appropriate judicial officer, judge, and/or magistrate determine whether pretrial release is appropriate.

Defendants charged with non-capital offenses are required to have at least a review of conditions of pretrial release.

That does not mean a pre-trial release is required.

Instead, the defendant is entitled to due process of the law and an official determination of whether release from custody (jail) is appropriate.

If you have questions about the specifics of your case, or would like additional information about how you bail someone out of jail, we recommend you seek legal representation without delay.

Dare County Criminal Defense Lawyer Danny Glover

Outer Banks lawyer Danny Glover has dedicated more than two decades of his professional career to helping people facing criminal charges.

"I enjoy providing legal advice to people with complicated legal matters. It doesn't matter if clients have been accused of drunk driving or even a minor larceny charge. We are here to help."

- Danny Glover, OBX Lawyer

Danny Glover offers a confidential consultation.

That means what you discuss with Danny and his professional support staff is secret.

Consultations with lawyers are subject to something known as attorney-client privilege.

That privilege remains in effect throughout the legal representation and even after the case is closed.

Furthermore, the attorney-client privilege applies to communications during the formative stages of legal representation.

Even if you choose not to retain our Legal Services, what you tell Danny Glover is confidential and will not be disclosed.

For criminal charges, Danny Glover also offers a free consultation.

You will not get a bill from our law office just because you call and ask some questions.

Instead, if you choose to retain Danny Glover as your criminal defense lawyer, we will establish a methodology for payment of legal fees that do not involve hourly rates or consultation fees.

In any event, it does not cost anything to call Danny Glover, ask him some basic questions, and see what he can do to help.

Call Danny Glover today 252-299-5300.

You may also email Danny on his personal email account:

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Client Reviews
"I highly recommend working with Glover Law Firm. I live outside of the state and had a traffic citation in NC that would have required me to return to the state for court. Glover Law Firm was able to represent me for my court date such that I did not need to appear, and they facilitated a very positive outcome for me. I felt that the fee I paid Glover for their services was completely fair and reasonable for the time and money I saved." Bondwc WC.
"Danny Glover is the most meticulous and detailed lawyer I know. As a DWI Services provider in NC, I've had nothing but the best feedback from my clients about his legal services. If you want to feel like you matter but also get professional legal services, Danny is your go to." Anna Coker
"I hired Danny Glover to represent my daughter in a traffic violation. He did an amazing job at handling her situation quickly. I can't say enough about the way he generally care for his clients. If I ever need legal help or advice again, Danny Glover is who I would call." Leigh H.
"I have used Danny Glover on numerous SERIOUS felony charges and also traffic misdemeanor charges for the last 15 years. He has beat or gotten every single charge I've had reduced or dismissed the man is a beast! Top Notch!" Shane Howard
"Danny Glover is by far the best lawyer that I have had represent me. I can only give 5 stars but he deserves more than that. His staff was extremely personable and professional. If you have a traffic citation in an area covered by Mr. Glover, you would be a fool not to hire him and his staff to represent you." Sean M.