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Manteo, NC

The criminal defense lawyers of Glover Law Firm can stand by your side after you have been charged with a traffic offense, driving while impaired (DWI / DUI), drug crime or other misdemeanor or felony in Manteo.

We realize that a traffic or criminal charge can have a serious adverse impact on your life. Your Glover Law Firm attorney will pursue the best possible outcome for you and counsel you at every step of the way about your legal rights and options.

Contact our law firm as soon as possible if you have been charged in Manteo or elsewhere in Dare County or northeastern North Carolina. We can get to work on your case right away.

Did You Get a Speeding Ticket in Manteo?

You should never face a court date alone even if you believe it is “only” for a speeding ticket or other traffic citation. The decision you make to plead guilty or fight your ticket could have long-term consequences. You could put your driver’s license in jeopardy. You could also cause your auto insurance premiums to increase significantly.

Instead, allow an attorney from Glover Law Firm to work on your case.

Attorney Danny Glover, Jr., have decades of experience with handling traffic and speeding tickets for both in-state and out-of-state drivers.

You may not even need to go to court. We can review your charge, your driving record and all factors involved in your case. We can then go to court and seek a dismissal or reduction of the charge, pay any fines or costs you may owe and report the outcome back to you.

Were You Charged With a DWI in Manteo?

A driving while impaired charge in North Carolina carries much more severe consequences than a speeding or traffic ticket. This is why it is crucial to get help from a law firm that has a deep background in helping clients face DWI / DUI charges in Manteo and surrounding areas.

When you work with Glover Law Firm, you will have two attorneys and a highly qualified legal staff focused on protecting your rights and interests.

Danny Glover, Jr. is certified as administrator of the NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. He also have a keen understanding of the devices and procedures that are used for breath and blood tests in North Carolina. He is often asked to speak at continuing legal education seminars on defending DWI cases.

We will closely analyze the State’s evidence, file any motions available in your defense, seek a plea agreement if it would serve your best interests or aggressively defend you at trial.

Our law firm also can assist with other alcohol-related offenses, including open container and implied consent law violations. We are sensitive to the unique issues that arise when a case involves a minor accused of drinking while driving.

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney in Manteo

Our objective at Glover Law Firm is to develop a legal strategy that will efficiently resolve your case and help you and your family to put the episode behind you as painlessly as possible.

If you face a traffic or criminal charge of any kind in Manteo or elsewhere in northeastern North Carolina, please do not delay contacting us by phone or through our online form.

Client Reviews
What Qualities make a Great Defense Attorney? He or she must be Smart, Sharp, Professional, Intuitive, and of course Knowledgeable of the Law. Furthermore, you cannot underestimate your Attorney’s reputation with other Attorneys and the Court – a good rapport proves to be an Invaluable Asset! Bobby B.
Danny Glover is highly respected in the legal community. I like to refer to him as a “Lawyers’ Lawyers,” in that he embodies the best of the profession. Danny is one of the best lawyers I know. He’s a compassionate advocate for clients. Danny serves as daily example of how to practice law, how to be ethical, how to be kind and how to be prepared. Bill P.
Danny Glover I know and trust. We used him for legal help and was kept informed thru the entire process. I have know Danny for several years and would recommend him to friends and family. He is ethical and totally forth coming, not holding anything back from you. P Newbold