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Should I turn myself in?

If you have a Warrant for Arrest against you, we strongly recommend you retain an Outer Banks Outer Banks Criminal Lawyerslawyer without delay.

We can help explain the court system, what to expect, and the most appropriate way to proceed.

While service of process of any Order for Arrest (OFA) or warrant might be a bit scary, we have some suggestions that can make things easier for you and your family.

Individual prosecutorial and judicial districts in the OBX have local rules, protocols, and common practices regarding bail, bond, and conditions of release.

As such, while friends and family may offer well-meaning advice, it’s important to determine what is appropriate for your case and your criminal charges.

Each case is different, just like each client is unique and different.

Your case deserves individualized attention from an experienced criminal lawyer.  If there is a Warrant for Arrest, the time to act is now – Danny Glover, OBX Criminal Defense 

We understand the importance of taking immediate action to resolve any warrant or Order for Arrest issue.  It’s imperative to address problems head-on and with a plan-of-action in place.

How much does it cost to hire a lawyer?

As to initial consultations and answering basic background questions, our law firm charges nothing.

Legal consultations are free of charge.

It doesn’t matter if you have been accused of a misdemeanor or felony, OBX DWI, traffic ticket, or even a federal criminal charge on the Outer Banks, we are available for an immediate consultation.

We’re here to help.

Rest assured knowing everything you tell defense lawyers and their support staff is confidential.  We keep secrets.

That applies to legal consultations at our law office, as they are protected by something known as the attorney-client privilege.

Call Outer Banks Lawyer Danny Glover NOW:  252-299-5300 

During the consultation, we will review the charges with you and explain the costs associated with legal representation.

Will I have to pay for bail?

Whether or not you have to “post a bond” or get “bailed out of jail” depends a lot on the type of criminal charges.

There are a series of factors to consider.

The judicial official setting terms and conditions of release review things like your prior criminal history/record, the nature and type of criminal charges that are pending, where you reside, and whether you have ever missed court or not.

The NC Criminal Laws set forth the specific procedures and protocols for bail, bonds, and release from custody (jail).

In reviewing conditions of release and bond, defense lawyers, prosecutors, and judges focus on two big, general areas of concern:

  1. Will you appear in court and face the charges?
  2. If released, will you pose a danger to either yourself or the community?

Initial conditions of bond, if any, are ordinarily set by a Magistrate Judge upon arrest and processing at the jail.

Thereafter, depending on the type of charges, there may be court appearances scheduled for an initial appearance, bond hearing, and/or probable cause hearing.

If a secured bond is set, the rules of bond and bail require findings of fact that specifically explain the reasoning and need to “post bail.”

In reviewing individual cases and setting appropriate terms of release from jail, pursuant to N.C.G.S. 15A-534 the judicial official considers things like:

  • The strength or weight of evidence against you
  • Whether you have substantial ties to the community (family, friends, job)
  • Your reputation in the community and personal character
  • Your mental condition
  • Intoxication/Impairment, making release dangerous
  • How long you’ve lived in the Outer Banks (community)
  • Criminal history/prior convictions
  • Failure to Appear (FTA) on prior criminal charges
  • Risk of Flight and history of avoiding prosecution

Helpful information about turning yourself in:

  1. You will be searched, do not bring illegal drugs or weapons to the jail
  2. Take off and do not bring jewelry including nose rings, earrings, and mouth jewelry
  3. Take off and do not bring a belt, tie strings, or drawstrings
  4. Wear shoes without shoelaces
  5. Bring a photo ID or personal identification (if you have one) like an NC Driver License
  6. Memorize or write down your Social Security Number
  7. If you bring your cell phone, that will likely be confiscated and stored in “property control” until the time of your release
  8. Memorize or write down important contact information and telephone numbers
  9. Your clothing and personal items will be searched
  10. A Search Warrant is ordinarily required to search your cell phone
  11. Do not bring any type of weapon including pepper spray and pocket knives
  12. Do not show up to the jail intake facility while high, drunk, or “intoxicated”

Danny Glover:  Outer Banks Criminal Defense, OBX DUI/DWI, and Traffic Tickets   

Getting arrested and charged with a criminal offense can be a scary process.

It’s OK if you don’t know what to do or what to expect.  That’s normal.

Criminal defense attorneys, in addition to arguing cases in court, help explain the procedures and processes.

We want you to understand and appreciate the best-case and worst-case scenarios.

You are presumed innocent.  That’s true for both felony or misdemeanor charges.

As such, it’s important to only discuss your case with an experienced criminal lawyer.

Exercise your right to remain silent.  Take the 5th if detectives, police officers, or law enforcement try to speak with you.

Remember, Miranda Warnings may not be required if you give a voluntary statement and/or are not in custody (custodial interrogation).

We strongly recommend you limit what you say even to friends and family.  Talk to an OBX lawyer as soon as possible.  We are here to help – Danny Glover

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