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Coronavirus Update: Will my case be continued?

The North Carolina court system, like many other businesses on the Outer Banks, is taking precautions to avoid the transmission of the novel coronavirus. OBX lawyers and law firms, under the Governor’s Shelter in Place Order, are considered “essential.”

“Criminal defense attorneys are officers of the court and an important part of the timely administration of justice.”

Can I get my charges thrown out?

The NC Constitution and Criminal Laws in North Carolina mandate the timely disposition and hearings for certain criminal charges, thereby necessitating interaction with criminal lawyers.

Courthouses in Pasquotank, Dare, Hyde, and Currituck counties are holding court for certain types of criminal charges and “settings,” including those for in-custody bond hearings, mandatory first appearances, and those involving Domestic Violence Protective Orders pursuant to N.C.G.S. Chapter 50B.

If you are uncertain whether your traffic ticket, DWI charge, or other criminal cases will be continued, Danny Glover is available for consultation by calling 252-299-5300.

Our law office is busy helping people during a critical time in their life – Danny Glover, OBX Attorney

You may reach Danny by email at

Consultations are free of charge.

Can I get my case continued?

Some matters are going to be continued automatically by the Court.

Official notice of the new court setting may be sent by the Clerk of Court.

We strongly encourage clients not to assume the court system is entirely closed.  That simply is not the case.  Some matters will be heard and therefore deserve immediate attention – Danny Glover  

Hopefully during this time of restrictions on the Outer Banks and “social distancing,” we can help provide assurance regarding continuances and worries about upcoming court dates.

The Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court updated her previous Order regarding court closures and operational policies, postponing court proceedings until June 1, 2020.

That has necessarily changed how lawyers provide legal services including negotiating traffick tickets, appealing NC DMV license revocation issues, and advising clients on outstanding Warrants and/or Orders for Arrest.

Judicial Districts on the Outer Banks have adopted respective plans and procedures for court appearances, continuances, and hearings:

Court appearances may be limited to things such as:

  1. First Settings and First Appearance
    • Appointment of Counsel
    • Determination of Indigency
  2. Bond Hearings – Defendants in Custody / Jail 
  3. Probable Cause Hearings for In Custody Defendants 
  4. Probation Hearings

The Danny Glover Law Firm recommends you immediately retain experienced, local legal counsel.

If you have questions about whether your case will be continued and whether your appearance is necessary and/or required for both felony and criminal charges, 50B hearings, and other court appearances mandated by the NC Constitution, please call Danny Glover today.

Will my case be dismissed?

The court system across North Carolina is ordinarily very busy.

Clearly, both District Court and Superior Court appearances will be affected by COVID-19 and the Coronavirus.

Conditions of release, bail, and bond may be subject to mandatory court dates and appearances.

Criminal charges in North Carolina are subject to timing requirements under the NC Criminal Laws, especially those pertaining to bond, bail, and conditions of release.

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety (NC DPS), in coordination with District Attorneys, is carefully considering transmitting COVID-19 in prison, jails, and intake facilities.

We believe sound legal advice remains critically important, especially if you have been accused of manslaughter, felony death by vehicle, or serious drug charges – Danny Glover, OBX Criminal Defense Attorney 

Lawyers who handle criminal charges in the Outer Banks

The Danny Glover Law Firm helps people accused of allegedly breaking the law.

We dedicate our time, attention, and resources to helping people with DWI charges and serious felony and misdemeanor charges.  It’s an honor to help people – Danny Glover, OBX Criminal Lawyer 

Legal consultations are free of charge.

Everything discussed in consultation with your criminal defense attorney is subject protections afforded pursuant to the “attorney-client privilege.”

That means what you tell your defense lawyer (and staff), even only if in consultation, is confidential.

Lawyers keep secrets.

The attorney-client privilege is intended to encourage people to be completely honest about what happened.

Providing sound legal advice involves full, open disclosure of all the facts and evidence to your criminal lawyer.

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