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Outer Banks Harley Davidson Bike Week

When is Bike Week this year? Outer Banks DUI Lawyer Danny Glover

The Outer Banks Harley Davidson Bike Week is an annual gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the East Coast and beyond. Bike Week is scheduled for April 22nd through April 30th, 2023.

Where is the Outer Banks Harley Bike Week held?

The OBX Harley-Davidson Bike Week is held at:

  • Outer Banks Harley-Davidson (Harbinger NC)

Things to See and Do at the OBX Bike Week

The Outer Banks Harley Davidson Bike Week draws motorcycle enthusiasts nationwide.

The week-long event offers a wide range of activities and events that cater to all interests and ages. Here are some of the different events that attendees can expect during the 2023 Outer Banks Harley Davidson Bike Week:

  1. Guided rides: These are organized motorcycle rides through scenic routes in and around the Outer Banks area. Riders can choose from a variety of routes that offer breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, historic lighthouses, and picturesque beaches.
  2. Bike shows: Custom and vintage motorcycle shows are always popular events during Bike Week. Attendees can showcase their bikes or enjoy the variety of motorcycles on display.
  3. Live music: Concerts featuring local and national bands often highlight Bike Week. Attendees can enjoy a variety of music while mingling with fellow motorcycle enthusiasts.
  4. Vendors: A variety of vendors will be present at the event, offering a wide range of motorcycle gear, accessories, and food.
  5. Charity events: Bike Week often includes fundraisers for local charities. These events allow attendees to give back to the community while having fun with fellow bikers.
  6. Meet and greets: Attendees can meet and greet with celebrity riders, custom builders, and other notable figures in the motorcycle industry.
  7. Seminars and workshops: Bike Week often includes educational workshops and seminars on topics such as motorcycle maintenance, riding safety, and customization.

These are just a few examples of the different events that attendees can expect during the 2023 Outer Banks Harley Davidson Bike Week.

The actual events and activities may vary from year to year, so it’s best to check the Bike Week official website or social media pages for the most up-to-date information.

Friendly ‘Lawyer Tips’ for the OBX Bike Week  Harley Davidson Bike Week OBX 2023

With the Outer Banks Harley Davidson Bike Week coming up, we receive a fair number of questions about motorcycle-related crime and traffic laws, including things like DUI charges, reckless driving, speeding, and drug charges.

If you’re facing criminal charges or have a traffic ticket on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, you deserve legal advice from an experienced criminal defense lawyer who understands the unique challenges of these cases and how the OBX court system works.

As a criminal defense lawyer with more than 25 years of experience defending clients against motorcycle-related charges in places like Elizabeth City, Kitty Hawk, and Nags Head, Danny Glover seen it all.

In this article, we’ll answer some common questions about the OBX Bike Week and provide valuable insights on what to do if you find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Do police target Bike Week?

Outer Banks police do not necessarily target Bike Week riders, but any time there is a large influx of out-of-towners, they are on the lookout for criminal activity such as DUIs and drug use. If you are pulled over by law enforcement, do your best to remain calm and be polite.

Remember that even if you believe you haven’t done anything wrong, it’s still important to exercise your right to remain silent and speak with a lawyer before answering any questions or signing any

Officers patrol the area and monitor traffic to ensure that everyone follows the law, but they do not specifically target bikers. It’s important to remember that all motorcycle riders have the same rights and responsibilities as any other motorist on the road.

What happens if I get pulled over during Bike Week?

If you are pulled over by law enforcement during Bike Week, it’s important to remain calm and polite. You have the right to remain silent and speak with an attorney before answering questions or signing documents. If you are arrested, contact OBX Criminal Defense Lawyer Danny Glover as soon as possible to get answers to your questions and help ensure that your rights are protected.

Is DUI Different in North Carolina? Outer Banks Bike Week 2023

DUI laws in North Carolina may be similar as other states. There are definitely some important differences in North Carolina.

For example, North Carolina does not have a “wet reckless” charge. This means that if you’re charged with DUI, you cannot plead down to a lesser charge like wet reckless.

Additionally, North Carolina has an implied consent law which basically states that if you are driving on a public road, you are automatically giving your consent to submit to a breathalyzer test or other chemical tests for alcohol or drugs when requested by an officer.

If you are arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) during Bike Week, you may face serious penalties such as fines, license suspension, and even jail time in certain circumstances. It’s important to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney if you’ve been arrested for OBX DWI charges.

What happens if I get a ticket in North Carolina but live in another state and ignore it?

If you are issued a ticket in North Carolina and then fail to appear in court or pay the fines, your license could be suspended depending on the allegations and type of citation issued.  The North Carolina Department of Transportation / Division of Motor Vehicles DMV may notify your home state of your traffic violation and any Failure to Appear (FTA), which could result in additional problems where your Driver’s License is issued.

North Carolina is a participating state in the InterState Compact.  It is always best to take care of any tickets or citations you receive during Bike Week as soon as possible and avoid further trouble down the line. If you have received a ticket and are unsure how to proceed, contact OBX criminal defense attorney Danny Glover for advice.

Will I have to come back to the Outer Banks if I’m arrested? OBX Bike Week 2023

If you are arrested during Bike Week, you may be required to return to the Outer Banks for future court appearances. It’s important to speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to get information about your legal rights and responsibilities if you’ve been issued a traffic ticket, arrested, or accused of a criminal charge.

If I get a ticket for Possession of Marijuana, should I try to pay it?

Paying a ticket or criminal citation without getting legal advice first is not recommended. If you receive a ticket for possession of marijuana, it’s important to speak with an OBX criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.  Marijuana is illegal in North Carolina.  Visitors from other states, especially those where marijuana is legal, may be unaware of the possible consequences, which can be serious in certain circumstances and create a criminal history.

Helpful Information about Traffic Tickets and Criminal Charges on the Outer Banks

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