Verdicts and Settlements

Any case result information provided on any portion of this website is not intended to be a promise of any particular result in a future case. Because the results obtained in specific cases depend on a variety of unique factors, past case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in future cases undertaken by the Glover Law Firm, nor do the cases listed on this website represent our lawyers’ entire record.

  • $1.2 Million Dollar Settlement
    for inadequate security case against local mall
  • $1.1 Million Dollar Verdict
    in motorcycle case
  • $1 Million Dollar Settlement
    in motorcycle case
  • $700,000 Verdict
    in head-on collision
  • $550,000 Settlement
    in motorcycle/broken leg case
  • $500,000 Settlement
    in dump truck collision
  • $500,000 Confidential Settlement
    in defective highway verdict against N.C. DOT for child four-wheeler wreck
  • $455,000 Settlement
    in tractor-trailer case
  • $390,000 Settlement
    in defective trailer case
  • $325,000 Settlement
    in tractor collision
  • $325,000 Settlement
    in pedestrian case
  • $290,000 Settlement
    in bow and arrow accident case
  • $275,000 Settlement
    against retailer in falling merchandise case
  • $270,000 Settlement
    in broken leg case
  • $250,000 Settlement
    in shoulder injury case
  • $250,000 Settlement
    in Head-On Collision
  • $250,000 Judgment
    in Intersection collision
  • $235,000 Settlement
    in Nursing Home Negligence Settlement
  • $225,000 Settlement
    in BB gun shooting accident
  • $200,000 Settlement
    in back injury case
  • $200,000 Settlement
    for Woman Mugged at Local Mall
  • $195,000 Verdict
    in Head-on collision
  • $190,000 Arbitration Award
    in ankle fracture case
  • $175,000 Verdict
    in Head-On Collision
  • $150,000 Verdict
    in Rear-end collision
  • $125,000 Verdict
    for Bicycle Accident
  • Confidential Medical Malpractice Settlement
    for failure to diagnose cancer
  • Confidential settlement
    in pedestrian death case