Criminal Charges

We have experience in defending and helping people charged with all types of crimes in northeastern North Carolina.

We handle all types of state criminal charges: traffic tickets, DWI’s, drug charges, all felony and misdemeanor crimes, including underage alcohol charges, larceny, embezzlement, assault, robbery, sex crimes and murder.

We also represent people charged in Federal Court with crimes on the National Seashore, including DWI on the beach, drug charges, reckless driving, speeding, hunting and fishing violations, trespassing and other “Park Ranger” charges.

We understand that the effects of criminal charges can be devastating for you, your family, your job or your education. A criminal conviction can result in not only prison time and high monetary fines, but it can also cost you your job, a loss of security clearances, loss of future job opportunities, expulsion from school, and the loss of possible student financial aid opportunities. To see the North Carolina court’s felony and misdemeanor sentencing chart, click here.  Our firm understands the effects of these punishments on you and your family, and we take the time necessary to meet with you; thoroughly research and investigate your case; and develop and pursue defense strategies that are in your best interests.

Focus on Personal Contact

Since 1995, attorney Danny Glover, Jr. has worked on all of our criminal defense cases. He initially meets with our clients to review their case, explain the court process, and research the complex legal issues present in their cases. Then he review the case and all of the evidence received from the State and/or our investigator, and they he prepare and formulate whatever motions, objections, defenses and trial strategies necessary to defend or negotiate your case.

This approach not only allows us to see clients soon after their first call to our office, but it also provides our clients with information necessary to make good decisions.

Modified Transcript of “OBX Criminal Defense Lawyer” for the Hearing Impaired

Hey. I’m Danny Glover with the Glover Law Firm. I appreciate you checking out the website. The page you’re on now is a page with just general information about criminal charges. I encourage you to browse through the rest of the website. Check out some of the blog posts if you have more specific questions. Feel free to email me at I’d be happy to answer any questions you have. What I’d like to do is to talk about the representation of someone charged with a crime. What is the process? How does it work? Oftentimes, I’ll get a call from a family member and their son or their husband has been arrested. They need a lawyer but they don’t know what to do.

Well, if that person is in jail, then the first step would be to actually pay a retainer and then I can go to the jail and meet with your friend or family member to find out what’s going on. What’s he been charged with? I’ll look at the paper work. I will talk to the person and find out what the circumstances, what the facts are and then we’ll begin trying to figure out the best and fastest way to get a bond set and posted so that the person can then get out of jail until trial. If the person is not in jail, then the first step would be to come in for an appointment. Now, that consultation is free. Meet with the person who’s actually been accused of the crime and anyone else he or she wants to bring with them.

We talk about background, jobs, school, family, the charges, what happened so that I can get a good feel for exactly what I’m dealing with, how this is going to impact you, what’s going to be necessary to defend you and get the best possible outcome for you. We’ll talk about the court process, what’s going to happen in the courtroom the day you go to court. How we’re going to handle the various hearings such as first appearance or probable cause hearing or administrative sessions. Filing pre trial motions that may be necessary, whether or not you’re going to have to testify, when you’re going to have to testify, if you are going to have to testify, then getting you ready for that.

If we are still dealing with the bond, then figuring out what property or money is going to be necessary to post the bond so that the person can get out of jail and work and support his family. Pay his court costs, legal fees, whatever it is that he’s dealing with or she’s dealing with. Once we start going to court, I will talk to the officers involved, talk to detectives, find out from their perspective what’s happening. Most times, our prosecutor will give to us what’s called discovery that is all the evidence and paperwork and reports and lab analysis reports and video tapes and dash cam videos and body cam videos. Whatever evidence they have, they will typically give to us at some point.

Now in misdemeanors, they don’t have to do that ahead of trial although they frequently will. In felonies, we won’t get that discovery until the case is transferred from lower district court to superior court. Whether that’s through a probable cause hearing and frankly, those rarely happen or a grand jury indictment, which is the more common way for felonies to get transferred from district court to superior court. I will explain that whole process to you so that you know exactly what to expect when to expect it and how we’re going to handle each step in the process while we work together to accomplish the best possible outcome for you. Whether that’s not a guilty plea in a trial or whether that’s some sort of plea bargain for reduced charges or reduced punishment.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to call me. 252-299-5300. You may email me at but if you or a loved one or a friend have been charged with a crime, be happy to help you.